Monday, September 28, 2009

Rasberry-Peach Jam

1 (10-12 oz) package frozen red raspberries, thawed (should equal 1/2 c berries and 1/2 c plus a little of berry juice)
2 lbs firm, ripe peaches, peeled, pitted and chopped (about 6 medium peaches)
1/4 c fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp unsalted butter
6 c sugar
3 oz liquid fruit pectin

Put raspberries and juice in 1 quart measuring cup. Add enough peaches to make 4 cups of fruit. Place fruit mixture in a large saucepan and add lemon juice, butter, and sugar. Mix well.

Place over high heat. Bring to a full, rolling boil. Boil hard for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and quickly stir in fruit pectin. Stir and skim for 5 minutes to cool slightly and to prevent floating fruit.

Ladle quickly into hot, sterilized bottles, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Wipe off any specks of jam from rim of each bottle. Put on lids and bands and process in water bath for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the jars from the hot water bath and listen for the lids (a.k.a. “seals”) to POP! to confirm the sealing.

Yields: 8 half pint jars

Tips & Notes:

  1. Microwave lemons for 30-35 seconds and then roll on counter before squeezing the juice. This maximizes the juice extraction.
  2. Boil peaches with peel on for 1 minute then immediately transfer peaches into an ice cold water bath to stop the cooking process. This makes the peaches easier to peel and will minimize the amount of fruit that is removed when peeling. Boiling the peaches also cleans them.
  3. The lids or seals can only be used once for canning.

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